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Surveillance Systems

Pull Up the Internet. Check the Video Feed. Relax.

 We offer a wide range of camera surveillance solutions that allow you to view your home or business remotely. You can watch your home from an iPhone, iPad or any other web-enabled device from anywhere in the world -- all you need is an active Internet connection! Check the front porch while you’re on vacation, or check on kids in the swimming pool from your kitchen. Wherever you go, our custom surveillance designs give you peace of mind!

Give yourself peace of mind with video monitoring,viewable anytime, anywhere.

 Digital Inceptions offers years of experience in surveillance solutions. We understand the importance of a system that provides comfort, convenience and reliability, in addition to basic functionality. If your home or business in the Tri-State area needs a new surveillance system or upgrades to an existing system, call us today!

Surveillance Solutions:

  • Maximized coverage based on your unique layout
  • Easy viewing of video feeds from any web-enabled device
  • Masking for areas that you do not want monitored
  • Product selection advice for cameras, displays, DVRs and more
  • Expert installation and programming of all system components

Digital Inceptions designs custom surveillance systems to fit any home or business. Our experts will analyze the layout, and make sure every at-risk area is fully covered. By using the latest surveillance technology, we can also mask areas that you don’t want monitored. We can even connect your surveillance system with other subsystems in your home to create a completely integrated solution.

Advanced Surveillance Technology

Our experts will guide you through the selection process for your surveillance system and any compatible devices you desire. We’ll consider your personal needs and lifestyle to recommend the very best options within your budget. Digital Inceptions provides product selection help for all surveillance components, including:

  • Cameras (wired)
  • Video recorders and DVRs
  • Video modulators
  • Dummy security cameras
  • Warning signs and decals

If you know it’s time to secure your life with a new surveillance system, call Digital Inceptions. Explain your concerns, give us a budget, and we’ll design a solution. It’s that easy.

Ready to design your new surveillance system? Contact us today!