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Structured Wiring

Open the Box. Flip a Switch. Get Back to Life.

 One of the first steps toward integrating systems in any home is creating a properly designed structured wiring system. A structured wiring system organizes random cables that are run throughout your house. Instead of cable chaos, you have a systematically designed wiring package, which is installed within every homeowner's customized guidelines. If your new or older home in the Tri-State area needs a professional structured wiring system, call us today!

With all cables organized in a single location, home systems are easier to manage. It’s one location for all equipment -- that’s convenience.

Digital Inceptions understands the importance of designing home systems for the lifestyles of today, while preparing for the future. From total home control with an iPad to wiring for TV, phone and Internet, we do it all. We even keep a complete wiring diagram for each property, so we know exactly where each and every wire in your home is located. This is allows you to easily expand or upgrade your structured wiring system, identify problem areas, and troubleshoot issues efficiently.

Structured Wiring Solutions:

  • Organize cables in one convenient location
  • Make electronic components accessible from multiple rooms
  • Strengthen and enhance signal quality
  • Easily troubleshoot any problems in the network

Structured Wiring Options

Digital Inceptions offers a choice between pre-designed or custom-designed structured wiring packages. Keep it simple with a starter system, or outfit your home with a completely thorough structured wiring solution. Typical structured wiring systems include:

  • Structured wiring enclosures/panels
  • Enclosure modules and expansion units
  • Wire, connectors, wall plates, jacks, etc.
  • Power conditioning and cooling units

We also offer pre-wiring packages for new homes, which are installed quickly and efficiently. These allow you to continually upgrade or add-on to the existing system without hassle. Not sure which option is best for you? Call us and ask!

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