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Wireless Network Installation

No More Dead Spots!

Wireless devices often present big problems in terms of range and adequate coverage. Many homeowners notice limited or no wireless signal at different locations in the home, for example, because a device is too far from the wireless router. Stop hitting obstacles like these, and call us for the solution. We can deploy access points at strategic locations in your home where your wireless signal is low, in order to flood the area with full wireless signal.

Always on with Digital Inceptions

Whether you’re working with desktop computers, wireless laptops, iPhones or iPads, we implement a wide variety of strategies to ensure uninterrupted service for all your devices. Our services can test your home or office to see the various signal points, assessing low signal areas using state of the art technology while also making sure that you are given a top quality service all-round. Our staff members have years of experience when it comes to networking and we believe that we could be an asset to your home or business.

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