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Motorized Blinds/Window Shades

Are Motorized Shades Perfect For Your Home?

No home automation system is complete without motorized shades.  Forget tangled blind drawstrings and imagine being able to control your blinds from your smartphone or tablet. You can even set shades on a timer to open every morning and close every night. Motorized shades are perfect for homes with high ceilings and high window treatments. The Digital Inception team works on solutions that focus on your family’s needs. We are proven experts in the field, and we can install motorized shades in your home with the highest level of convenience and efficiency.  Our team can also support your new install with everything from changing batteries to repair if ever needed.  

How does Digital Inceptions install motorized shades?

Digital Inceptions is committed to the highest industry standards in design, product and customer service. For this reason, we partner with Lutron Shades, the premiere vendor of motorized shades. We find that almost every home is compatible with Lutron Shades products. With an internet connection, the right products, and our technical expertise, you can automate your home’s blinds with ease. Due to Lutron’s ultra-efficient technology, most customers’ experience 3-5 year battery life, so don’t worry about frequent service needs.

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