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Home Automation

Pull Into the Driveway. Pull Out Your Phone. Turn On Your Home.

With a state-of-the-art home or business automation system, life is simply easier. Imagine turning all the lights on before you step through the front door. Then imagine locking your front door from your bedroom. When Digital Inceptions installs your automation system, you can pick up a remote, and it’s all done with the press of a button. Perhaps your business needs surveillance, automated lighting, and thermostat control. Why not integrate them all? Digital Inceptions knows no limits. Let’s simplify life.

Automate everything, control anything... From anywhere in your home.

Digital Inceptions offers a variety of touch-screen automation systems that allow unprecedented control over all your digital subsystems, including audio/video, surveillance, lighting, shade controls, HVAC and more. Custom system design seamlessly connects every digital system in your home, allowing you to wirelessly manage the entire place with a user-friendly iPhone or iPad app.

Home Automation Solutions:

  • Integrated home systems (lighting, security, audio/video, irrigation and more)
  • Custom design and layout according to your unique space
  • iPad app displays your devices and allows you control them
  • Expert installation and programming for intuitive, easy use

In addition to convenience, automation systems bring ongoing energy savings into your home. When lights are scheduled to turn off automatically, you don’t have to worry about leaving them on. And thermostat controls provide easy management of heating and cooling to help you get the biggest energy bang for your buck. This is all possible with an automation system from Digital Inceptions!

Home Automation Technology

 Digital Inceptions will help you choose the best automation system and compatible devices for your home or business. From the touchscreen controller to the shade motors and security cameras, our experts will make sure every aspect of your system delivers the convenience, safety, and energy savings that you desire.

Imagine using your iPad to control:

  • Thermostats
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Home theater
  • Multi-room audio
  • Lighting
  • Shade control
  • Landscape irrigation
  • And more!

Call Digital Inceptions and we’ll help you discover how life can be made easier through automation. We’ll analyze your space, listen to your needs, and find custom solutions perfectly suited to your lifestyle and tastes. Your automated home or business is only a phone call away.

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