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Sonos Audio Installation

What is Sonos?

Sonos is the ideal solution for any music fan and Digital Inceptions is dedicated to make sure that your audio experience is truly unbeatable.  Sonos is a complete, wireless or wired sound system that lets you stream audio from a variety of devices to speakers all using your Wi-Fi network.  The difference with Sonos is that you can independently designate different content to stream from each speaker.  Therefore, a family member listening to music in one room will not bother someone listening something different in a separate bedroom.   

What does the Sonos Installation Service include?

When installing your Sonos Audio system, our team will always work to compliment your existing setup.  We can also suggest new technology to ensure you’re getting the best quality sound at all times.  Our team will install, configure, and test every speaker while onsite in your home or office.  We will also demo the Sonos system so you can see all the features available to you.  Sonos systems are so versatile, we recommend both our residential and commercial customers to try it.   

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