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Flat Screen TV Installation

We Hang & Install Your TV Anywhere, No Wires Visible!

If you recently purchased a new flat screen TV or if you’re looking to update your space a flush mounted television may be the solution for you.  Digital Inceptions can handle jobs of all sizes.  We’ve been contracted to install a single TV for residential customers and even completed large commercial projects with multiple TVs for large restaurants and bars. 

What are the benefits of a Professional Flat Screen TV Installation and Setup?

Our team will make sure that the installation process is clean and causes minimal disruption.  Most of our customers are pleased with our installation process and the fact that we hide all the wires. This means that you can have a clear and organized home that doesn’t take away from any design elements tied to your home.  We also offer AV racks solutions so all your hardware can be safely tucked away and hidden from view with ease. We also install, test, configure and demo your TV for you, so every job is completed with 100% customer satisfaction.

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