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Apple TV Installation

Is Apple TV right for our home?

Apple TV is a device manufactured by Apple that allows you to stream video content from the iTunes store or other outlets such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, MLB.TV and other various streaming services.  Video content as well as music and photos to name a few can all be experienced using AirPlay right from your iOS device. AirPlay Mirroring allows you to view any video content when you stream it from a newer Mac.  With costs continually rising so many customers are ditching cable and moving towards a Netflix or Hulu application for their viewing pleasure. If you’re interested in Apple TV for your home, contact Digital Inceptions to see how we can help.

Why would I want Apple TV professionally installed?

One of the many benefits of Apple TV is its easy installation.  When you hire Digital Inceptions to install your Apple TV, our team will go the extra mile to walk you through the interface and provide you with some recommendations for new technology to ensure you have the optimal set up. Our customers also love that we customize viewing profiles for each member of the family.  Your children can have their favorite Disney Channel programs right at their fingertips while Game of Thrones can be hidden away from their view.  If you need some added support, we can also install, demo, test and configure your device for you.  There really is no limit to the scope of our services. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.  We are always on-hand if you have any questions for our technicians.

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