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Audio & Video Installations

Choose a Room. Choose a Source. Push Play.

 With custom multi-room audio/video systems by Digital Inceptions, homeowners can revamp their entire home entertainment experience. The possibilities are endless. Stream Internet radio from any room. Watch a living room DVD player from your master bedroom. Deliver party music throughout the entire place. If you can think it, we can make it happen.

Custom Audio Systems

Multi-room audio has become a popular audio solution for homes of all sizes. Digital Inceptions specializes in customizing whole-home audio systems to deliver crisp, clear music to every room in your home. With one of our controlled systems, you can listen to different music in separate rooms at varied sound volumes.

  • Play music throughout the house with varied sources and volumes
  • Stream music from Internet radio stations, Pandora and other online audio sources
  • Connect external sources, including iPads and smartphones via home WiFi

Play one CD in four rooms at three different volumes.

Digital Inceptions offers a range of multi-room audio packages designed to meet your budget and deliver crystal-clear sound throughout your entire home. Our experts will help you choose speakers (in-wall, in-ceiling, etc.), an audio distribution system, in-wall controls, handheld remotes, and any other devices that can enhance your home listening experience.

We recognize that there is no point in having a great home audio system if you and your family cannot easily operate it. That’s why our installers carefully program components and make sure every aspect of your new audio system can be easily controlled with a single remote. If you know how to use an iPod or iPhone, then you can easily control all of your music. With a multi-room audio system from Digital Inceptions, you can spend more time relaxing and enjoying your music, and waste less time operating the system.

Custom Video Systems

Whether you’re looking for a clean installation of a flat screen TV over your fireplace or a custom video system for the perfect home theater experience, Digital Inceptions is here to help! With professional video systems, you can also easily switch from your XBox to cable to any other connected video component, and back again. Use one remote, and discover the most convenient TV experience of your life.

  • Watch all of your video sources on any display in your home
  • Easily switch between different video sources with a single remote
  • Stream Internet video (Hulu, YouTube, Netflix, etc.) on any TV
  • Extend remote control capabilities with enhanced IR distribution

Watch a Netflix movie on your garage TV from the Apple TV in your basement.

Choosing the right devices for your video entertainment system is crucial to setting up the perfect experience. To give you the best video system possible, Digital Inceptions will provide expert advice on television size, speaker placement, component capabilities, remote control programming and more. Every aspect is strategically analyzed to deliver a system that will meet your standards of excellence.

Our team strives to stay current on technological advancements in the audio/video industry, and we can explain the very latest in audio and video technology. We’re prepared to overhaul your audio/video experience for a fantastic upgrade in quality and convenience. Let’s get started.

Digital Inceptions installs custom audio/video systems for homes throughout the Tri-State area. Call us today!