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Sonos: Why Your Home Can’t Live Without It

January 01st, 2019

It is the type of thing that audiophiles dreamt of all the way back to the first phonograph player: Great music in every room, without a ton of wires everywhere.

Sonos makes it happen. In 2002, Sonos set out to create systems that would allow music to be heard wirelessly in every room of the house.

Today, Sonos is the industry leader in wireless music applications.

With a wireless subwoofer and even a soundbar, Sonos makes is easy to share your music throughout the house, even on your TV. Sonos can stream music online or locally stored. 

With support for all major services like Spotify, Pandora, SiriusXM, Apple Music and iHeart Radio. While you might need subscriptions to some of these, you can use these online playlists as your own house music.

One of the most amazing features of the Sonos system is how far you can expand by just plugging in additional speakers. With a huge reach, Sonos makes it very easy to wirelessly ‘wire’ the whole house for sound. Of course, the application for spas, stores and even offices can be outstanding.

Sonos is truly a plug and play system.

Some of the features of the updated Sonos devices:

  • Independently wireless – Acting as its own router, Sonos doesn’t need to be attached to your existing router. This means that you have more flexibility and don’t need to worry about running a wire to the router.
  • Connection to your own stereo system – With Sonos Connect or Connect: Amp you can connect Sonos to your existing systems and speakers flawlessly.
  • Up or Down - The Sonos Play 3 can set vertically or horizontally. The sound adjusts itself to stay true
  • True stereo – For you Buddy Holly or Beatles fans, the ability to listen to music in true stereo is important; in fact, it’s the only way to hear older music in its original format. Sonos allows you to connect two speakers a pair and the system will treat them as a true stereo pair.
  • The Music Source(s) – Sonos offers its own music service, but also allows access to most of the other major music sources. This means there is an almost unlimited supply of tunes for your new Sonos system.
  • Airplay - Sonos now supports Airplay, making streaming from your Apple devices seamless!

Are you interested in adding Sonos to your home? Here's what you can expect from a professional installation:


Our technicians will suggest installation points so your audio experience can be immersed with the rich sounds of every song, movie, video game, or TV show. If your speakers are positioned incorrectly, it could drastically decrease the audio experience. We will install and position your speakers for optimal sound.

Installation and Set Up

During every physical installation, you can expect professionalism from the entire crew. We complete the setup of all your music services and favorite apps. For those customers who wish to hide the cables, we can customize our installations to run cables behind the walls as much as possible – along with custom mounting equipment if necessary.

Walk Through

Once the installation is completed, we always perform a thorough walk through of the devices and services so you are fully prepared to use your new Sonos system. Sonos is one of the leading home audio solutions on the market today. And after our turn key installation services, you’ll soon see why. 

After a Sonos audio or any installation, our goal is to guarantee we can walk away and you can begin using your product right away, no questions asked. For any questions on our Sonos audio installation or pricing, please contact us online or give us a call at (732)- 455-2475.