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Keeping Your Electronics Safe

March 29th, 2013

Surge Protection

 Have you ever heard the term, dollar wise and penny foolish? If you aren’t surge protecting your precious electronics, this quote refers to you. Surge protectors are inexpensive components that simply protect your electronic equipment from common voltage spikes. In light of recent events in our area, thousands of homes appliances and entertainment devices were affected when the power was restored. Some common examples of voltage spikes include lightning strikes, tripped circuit breakers, inductive spikes and short circuits. A surge protector will try to limit the amount of voltage by shorting to ground or blocking any excessiveness.

Some recommended surge protectors are: Panamax PM8-EX, Leviton 5280-W

Power Conditioners

A necessary component to any high-end home theater design is a reliable power line conditioner. Think of this as a filter, neutralizing and “cleaning” any power as it passes through the device. Power conditioning has become a necessity if you’re looking to have consistent features to your audio and video devices. Benefits of implementing a line conditioner would be a reduction of noise in your audio, improved sound and audio quality and prevention of damage from electrical surges. This device would be considered a step up from a surge protector, geared towards the audiophile and user looking for perfection.

A recommended line conditioner is the Panamax M4300-PM and the APC G50B-20A2

CAT6, the new Standard

Are you adding some new wiring, replacing old network cabling or planning to build a home? Make sure you’re moving forward with today’s standards in networking. CAT5 has been a very popular cable type, it can transmit up to 100 Mbps and for up to 328 feet. CAT5e, the successor of CAT5, has a capability of transmitting 1,000 Mbps and can be run a similar distance. The newest breed of networking, CAT6, can support 10,000 Mbps, commonly known as 10 Gig Ethernet. While the distance of CAT6 is only 121 feet, there is now a CAT6 cable that is certified for lengths of 328 feet.

Why run CAT6? For one, being the latest and greatest and not knowing what tomorrow’s devices will demand, it’s your best bet. There is nothing worse than implementing technology that is outdated. Today’s home internet services are bleeding edge and approaching speeds that exceed the capabilities of CAT5e. This is going to be a tremendous bottleneck as homes across America start adopting higher speeds and experience limitations of their home’s wiring.

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