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Hulu Live TV: Is it time to cut the cord?

May 01st, 2017

Are you thinking about cancelling your cable subscription, but just can’t do without some of those local broadcasts you enjoy? There’s good news when you tune to Hulu Live TV.

In early May this year, Hulu joined a growing number of providers that are making it easier to cut the cable. For $39.99 per month, Hulu is offering over 50 live television channels, allowing subscribers to watch their favorite programs at the same time as someone watching over-the-air or cable channels. The $39.99 fee includes Hulu’s $7.99 per month on-demand library of films and programs.

Hulu joins SlingTV, PlayStation Vue, and DirectTV Now to provide streaming service for dozens of television channels. Hulu’s offering includes the big four networks: ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox. This will include local affiliate programming. While there might be some blackouts of sporting events, the service will give most users a TV experience similar to having an antenna on their roofs.

For sports fans, Hulu offers a huge variety of channels: Fox regional sports, Fox Sports 1, Fox Sports 2, NBCSN, Golf Channel, ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPNU ESPNEWS, and ESPN-SEC Network. The variety of live sports ranges from Major League Baseball to Formula 1 racing to English Premier League soccer.

Other channels include NatGeo, NatGeo Wild, Disney Channel, FX, CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, Oxygen, and more. Specifically, the History Channel, A&E, and Lifetime are among the A&E networks that Hulu is providing.

For those who are hesitant, Hulu offers a free 7-day trial so cable addicts can test the service.

Still in beta testing, Hulu’s new service uses downloading technology similar to Sling and others, so there is very little loading time (depending on your internet speed).

Why cut the cord? 

Those who cut the cord often become addicted to the new freedom they experience. With a cable company, price increases can happen anytime. It’s not unusual to see your cable bill increase every year, or even twice a year. On the other hand, many streaming channels have been offering the same prices for years.

Additionally, when one streaming service increases its price, such as Netflix or Sling, you can simply cancel that one service without losing all the rest of your television viewing options. Because all the television providers are paid for a la carte, you can choose which services to keep and which ones to discard.

Furthermore, having a streaming video player like Roku allows you to enjoy complete control over the channels that you see and subscribe to. As one of the biggest players in streaming television, Hulu is built into or easy to add to nearly every video player/device.

Is cutting the cord worth it?

According to Fortune Magazine in February 2016, cable bills are rising at four times the rate of inflation. The average cable bill is now over $103 per month.

Compare that to $39.99 per month for Hulu Live TV and you have a massive savings opportunity. By streaming video over the internet that you already pay for now, you’re not losing anything either.

There is still lots of room for Netflix at around $10 a month, and even Amazon Prime TV which averages out to less than $8.50 a month. All together, you have streaming access to live TV, thousands of movies, and hundreds of on-demand TV channels, all without a cable subscription.

Hulu Live TV is an excellent way to start cutting the cord and setting your cable company free. The service is backed by an experienced and respected live streaming service. It includes most popular television channels. And of course, the price is less than one-third the cost of cable.

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