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YoutubeTV: Why it's time you cut the cord.

June 01st, 2018

Discover all the features and perks that make it better than other streaming services out there. 

As one of the most popular websites in the history of the Internet, Youtube managed to accomplish something remarkable: it became indispensable to the average Internet users. For years, Youtube has grown its brand into a household name; a trusted platform where people seek information, tutorials, entertainment, music and a lot more. Recently, Youtube has finally been able to actualize its premium content policy, competing with other streaming services and other television/satellite services.

With all the unique features, content and perks available to users, it is not surprising that people are already hailing YoutubeTV as one of the best streaming services currently on the market. While the service is currently only available in certain metropolitan areas in the United States, YoutubeTV is poised to break through internationally in the not too distant future.

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Ample choice and affordable rates.

For only $35 a month, YoutubeTV users can enjoy over 50 channels and a cloud DVR, making for an impressive amount of quality content. Users can stream live TV broadcasts from affiliates such as ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC, only to mention but a few. The list of affiliated networks keeps on growing, so keep an eye out for updates!

Do you like Sports? YoutubeTV is focusing on exclusive relationships with MLB, NFL and others to deliver the most attractive selection of sports at the best possible price.

Available on multiple devices.

YoutubeTV is not only available through your computer, but also through your smartphone and tablet, making for a versatile choice for people who love to stream video on the go and tap into a huge selection of content wherever they are, and stream quality live TV.

Cloud DVR capabilities.

The Cloud DVR feature is particularly awesome because it allows users to record any program they want to see, and store them for up to nine months - That’s plenty of time to download a whole season and binge-watch it in one sitting later on!

The feature is also great for those of us who can’t always keep up with our favorite shows or televised sporting events, due to family, work or other commitments. Simply store the program you want to see on your Cloud DVR, and enjoy it whenever you have some free time.

Ease of Use

One of the most appealing aspects of the YoutubeTV experience is certainly its forward-thinking interface. The layout is remarkably easy to use and understand, and it is simple to get to where you want, without getting frustrated and stuck on a clumsy menu! The interface can also offer a few additional perks, such as suggesting content that you might enjoy, as well as quick shortcut links to shows you haven’t finished watching yet, or live broadcasts you are interested in.

YoutubeTV might become the next big thing in terms of live TV broadcast streaming. The video sharing platform giant is growing quickly, and it is capitalizing its appeal in many exciting new ways, which will certainly bring more layers to the Youtube brand as a whole.