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Why a Standard Security System Just Isn’t Enough Protection Anymore

November 01st, 2017

Whether you’re a home or business, undoubtedly you have implemented or at least explored the possibility of some flavor of security system. A traditional security system focuses on more basic concerns such as windows opening, doors opening, motion alarms and trip sensors. These objectives are mostly reactive (after someone has actually committed a crime and entered your location) and while necessary, they just aren’t enough.

What are the most popular ways for homes and businesses to implement “smarter security”?

Today, most homes and businesses have adopted unique and effective ways to utilize technology as preventative and precautious measures against crime and misfortune. While there are thousands of products that you can choose from, these 3 areas are great affordable add-ons to any security system. 

Video Surveillance 

Keeping an eye on your property, when you are present and not present, can help you identify intruders before they enter your property. Additionally you can spot shoplifters/theives as well as external threats to your property. Without video monitoring, you would not be able to see anything happening outside or inside of your home except the specific monitoring features of your security system. What are the other benefits of video surveillance? 

  • Keep an eye on employees, even when you aren’t at work.
  • Have a record of break-ins, stalkers or simply what you children are doing when you are away.
  • Go on vacation and have more than just the neighbors to watch the house.
  • Know that your ‘customers’ aren’t stealing from you even when you are at home.
  • See that you staff needs your help even before they pick up the phone.
  • Watch your packages being delivered - safe and sound. 

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Environmental Monitoring

When you’re not at home or business, there are a lot of natural things that can happen - a fire, flood or HVAC malfunction for example. By monitoring environmental conditions, you are able to be notified remotely and even take action when these misfortunes occur. There are many products that are available to monitor your environment, we recommend implementing as many as possible.

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Smart Lighting

Most burgulars will not enter a property that has a light on inside. With smart lighting, you can customize on/off schedules for your lighting, turn on lights remotely, turn off lights remotely, add motion sensed lighting and much more. Simply put, being able to creation the illusion of your presence, whether with smart lighting or other method, will drastically impact the percentage of forced entry of your property. The convenience of smart lighting also has many additional cost saving benefits.

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Adding additional layers of security technology provides protection and convenience with effortless operation. Call Digital Inceptions or contact us online for a consultation today!