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The Apple HomePod, here at last.

January 01st, 2018

Are you ready for the ultimate Apple accessory? The HomePod is built to be just that. This device is set out to be more than just a wireless speaker, but also an intelligent addition to your smart home as a home hub. It may be the last to come to market, but it came prepared. The speaker quality is well above average and the integration with other Apple products is seamless, but what makes this device so great? Lets find out.


It’s probably the easiest setup you will ever have for an electronic device. Plug it in and it literally will set itself up from your iPhone, only answering a question or two.

Audio Quality

The sound is supposed to be unlike anything else. The bass and treble balance is immersive without being too overpowering. While we would love to describe it in more detail, you’re just going to have to hear it for yourself! 


Simply put, this device is striking. It can sit on your desktop and pack a powerful punch while looking beautiful. The mesh exterior and decorative cord make it just as beautiful as you would expect.


The speaker is on par with much higher cost devices. Some audiophiles are stating that the audio quality could be valued at over $1,000+. The price tag on the HomePod is $350, so if this is true, it’s quite a deal. Remember that audio quality is somewhat subjective, so you’ll want to hear it for yourself before making a decision. 


You’re going to love controlling your lights and other devices from HomePod. Siri is ultra responsive and connects with all of your HomeKit devices. Just about every smart home device is connecting to HomeKit, so you won’t have trouble finding compatible components as you upgrade.


If you’re using an iPhone, than you’re going to be very familiar with using Siri. Siri’s personal assistance integrates with your messages, phone, and Apple Music - allowing you to go above and beyond “hands free” as we know it.

What are you waiting for? Head to the Apple Store on February 9th, 2018 and listen to the latest addition to the Apple family, you'll be glad you did.