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The 2018 Holiday Technology Must Haves

November 01st, 2018

For many people, you may already have most of our "must haves". But if you don't, this year, you’re out of excuses why your home doesn’t feature some form of Home Automation. The affordability and technology has reached a point that the average homeowner can participate without breaking the bank or an engineering degree. This holiday season we are seeing similar sales across all of the major retailers, so which ones will you go for? Here are a few items we recommend adding to your 2018 holiday wish list!

Google Home Hub

Controlling your home has never been easier, and with additional media integration with YouTube and your existing Google content, the Home Hub is a great investment. How much does it cost? The price point has been between $99-149. The device itself is nice and sleek for any desktop, and has a beautiful display to visually display responses to your voice commands. It integrates with all of the same devices that are compatible with “Google Home Assistant”, so you won’t run out of options to expand as you go.

Next Learning Thermostat

Save time, money and energy with a smart thermostat. There are several versions available, all with easy installation and big benefits. You can control your thermostat from anywhere and make sure you keep things at eco-friendly levels to conserve energy (and money).

Ring Video Cam Doorbell

You don’t need to wonder who’s at the door when you have a video camera doorbell. Ring has become a common household item across America and the deals this holiday season will expand the product even further. With Ring, you receive a notification on your mobile phone so you can see and interact (if you want) with the visitor at your door. Additionally, your neighbors are already sharing videos of unwanted and unsolicited visitors to make your neighborhood a safer place.

Roku Ultra, FireTV 4K or Apple TV 4K

Take advantage of every streaming service available with one of these streaming devices. Check what services are available on each box (each one has it’s own exclusions, such as Apple not having Amazon Prime TV) and make sure you have the right connections available on your TV. You can’t go wrong with any upgrade, just make sure you aren’t missing work to binge on your favorite TV shows! 

Smart UHD/4K Television

Are you still watching in HD? You need to upgrade to UHD to see what you’re missing from your favorite streaming services. Most services like Netflix have 4K content readily available and selections are growing quickly. It’s a good time to get a great deal and upgrade your TV, you’ll be glad you did!