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Save Time and Save Money with Automated Home Lighting

March 07th, 2016

Smart home lighting is a bright idea and growing trend that’s paving the way for a fully automated home.  In our expert opinion, home lighting is the most useful smart home technology that needs to be implemented in every home immediately.  Most homeowners we speak with don’t realize that your current switches and dimmers can easily be swapped out by “smart” switches and dimmers.  In a few quick and efficient action items we can have you out of the dark ages and straight into the modern world of home automation. 

What are some of the benefits I can expect from automating the lighting in my home?

From the convenience of having lights turned on before you come home, to the security it offers to provide comfort when you’re away, these intelligent solutions offer significant appeal.  Any automated lighting system installed by Digital Inceptions is paired with an app, in which you control the lights from your smartphone.  In fact, our team can customize the process so that as soon as your garage doors open, your lights go on as well.  Outdoor lights can be linked to the astronomic time clock so lights turn on and off according to when the sun goes up and down.  You can even customize lights to illuminate a path to your kitchen, in the hallway to the bathroom, or even inside the bedrooms.  There are so many options available on the market today and we are available to organize home automation so your family can get the most use of the technology.

What Smart Home Lighting solution is best for me?

There are plenty of products available to turn your current home into a smartly lit one.  You can automate a single lamp, or a whole house worth of lighting.  Smart bulbs can be easily installed and controlled from your smartphone, but while these single bulbs are easy to utilize, a single bulb can cost hundreds of dollars.  Also, many smart bulbs are A-shaped with standard E-shaped bases.  If you have fixtures that require something different, you will not be able to apply them.  In comparison, smart lighting switches deliver the same results, but without the need to replace each and every bulb.  It even adds dimming capabilities to this feature.  With smart switches, you are free to use any bulb you have, so you’re not limited by the fixtures already in your home.    You can also consider smart plugs or smart outlets that are hardwired to the wall.  This will allow you to automate anything with a plug.  This means, any lamp or even curling iron can be turned on and off via a smartphone.  This is a huge advancement in the safety of your home.  Imagine never having to turn back home because you can’t remember if you turned something off! 

How can Digital Inceptions help?

Most of what you decide to embrace will depend on what control system you will need to manage all of this hardware.  Request a consultation with Digital Inceptions to discuss the best course of action for your home and family. Once you decide on a smart lighting system, Digital Inceptions can help you install the technology.  An important thing to note is that while smart bulbs, switches, and dimmers may throw around the term “wireless”, this is not the case.  This refers to the communication from the system to the network is wireless.  The hardware will need to be attached to the electrical wires just like any other switch or dimmer.  Because this is considered electrical work, you will want a professional with the experience in both electrical and automation to implement this new system.  With over 15 years of experience in the Monmouth, Ocean, Middlesex and surrounding counties, Digital Inceptions can provide great referrals and feedback from our past and current clients.

Smart Home Lighting provides modern convenience with effortless operation.  The ability to control your lighting remotely will give you a more flexible and easy lifestyle.  Smart home lighting is one small step towards a fully automated smart home, but will truly be one technology you enjoy daily.  Call Digital Inceptions or contact us online for a consultation today!