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Ring Video Doorbell: You’re Always Home

February 01st, 2017

“Ding dong.” Back in the old days, about 5 years ago, a doorbell just announced someone at your door and you had to go look to see who it was.

Then along came Ring.

The commercials are everywhere, but many people don’t really understand how powerful the Ring Video Doorbell can be.

The Original Ring Video Doorbell

With a doorbell button and a camera, the Ring Video Doorbell made it easy to see who was at your door and to talk to them directly. It connects to your home’s Wi-Fi and lets you see and talk to whoever rings your doorbell.

It also has the advantage of letting you see what’s going on outside of your home no matter where you are. One use we love best is that the kids can ring the bell when they get home from school to check in. It makes instant communication, with video, much easier and can set your mind at ease.

The Doorbell lets you power it up either with a battery or by wiring it into the house’s power. The most important part of hooking up the Wi-Fi is to make sure it will give you the best results possible.

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Smaller and more powerful than the original, the Ring Video Doorbell Pro has a better camera, more power, and support for less crowded 5GHz Wi-Fi channels.

Because the Pro is smaller, it fits better into the space where your original doorbell is. With 1080p video, it can give you much better images so you can better identify people in the video.

The Pro must be wired into the house power and, in fact, has a power booster that installs next to the inside doorbell chimes. There is a motion sensor, camera, and microphone, so you can speak to visitors easily.

Like you can with the original Ring, you can pay a bit extra per month for the Ring company to store your video in the cloud. That way if anything happens, you can easily give video to the police.

Professional installation can help you get the most out of these powerful technologies. There are tools and assets built into the Ring Video Doorbell that can be difficult to get to if you try to do a DIY installation.

Stick-up Cam 

With the success of the Ring Video Doorbell, their company released an amazing new product called the “Stick Up Cam”. Featuring water resistance and true wireless operation, you can place this camera anywhere. Additional features include HD video, motion activation, two-way audio, night vision, live viewing remotely and recording. If you like the idea of having recordings off-site, you can take advantage of their Cloud Video Recording service.


All of the Ring products use your home’s Wi-Fi to allow you to access it from anywhere. While they are physically easy to install (especially when using a battery), the Wi-Fi connection needs to be set up correctly. Make sure to select the 5GHz spectrum, which will give your video better image quality and will have a lot less interference.

It’s important to ensure you are positioning their products correctly, installing securely, and configuring remote management properly – 3 good reasons to have it professionally installed. Call Digital Inceptions at (732) 455-2475 or contact us online for a consultation today!