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Playstation VR: Is it time to bring Virtual Reality into your home?

July 01st, 2017

Picture Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC Website

Virtual reality is all the rage and has been for 20 years. As soon as techno geeks realized that they could make entire worlds digitally, Tron and Lawnmower Man were born. It’s taken over 20 years to get close to that that level, but we’re nearly there. The Sony Playstation VR headset is as close they come.

The Good

Of course, for gaming systems, there are few companies that come even close to Playstation. Where Sony has really set itself apart is in VR.

First, the system is less expensive than most other VR systems. Don’t be fooled by prices that say $399, though. That’s just the headset. You’ll also need the Playstation Camera and Move Controllers. That’s about another $120. The best deal is a package that is pretty readily available for $499.

Secondly, the VR system hooks up to a PS4. So if you already have one, no special system is needed. For some of the manufacturers, they require a separate whole system that can cost $700. Sony made their VR system work with the PS4 that’s already on the market and in homes. 

Finally, Playstation has some of the world’s most popular games. Sony is quickly converting these games to VR. With games like Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim available in VR and many more coming online each month, this is a great system to purchase.

The Bad

The bad isn’t really that bad. In order for VR to seem real it requires a lot of horsepower in the processors. For the most part, the PS4 is able to keep up. There is occasional lag, but not enough to detract from the pleasure of the game.

All VR system are like wearing scuba goggles. VR hasn’t quite gotten to the peripheral vision yet, but that’s not much of an issue either. There is no commercial system that provides that 360° that we are used to and that we were promised, but it’s likely to arrive much faster than your flying car.

The headset doesn’t seal out all of the ambient light in the roo, but again, few of them do. It won’t matter too much since you’re going to be playing so intensely. Most of us can get lost in an old PS2 game on cathode ray TV; this is a huge step forward.

The Conclusion

It is time to bring VR into your home? Yes. If you’re a gamer, Playstation’s VR system is an easy choice. It’s advanced and affordable. The drawbacks are minor and the game selection continues to grow, so now is a great time to get addicted to VR games. Sony’s next VR incarnation is almost guaranteed to be mind-blowing and hopefully still affordable.