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Pakedge Wireless: Foolproof Setup, Rock Solid Performance

September 01st, 2017

The whole world seems to be running on wireless. Residential and commercial applications both demand powerful and reliable wireless networks.

Pakedge is the simplest and most powerful answer. 

Stylish, Powerful Access Points

More than simple wireless access points, the Pakedge WK, WX, and WR series of wireless points are designed to complement the room or building they are placed on or in.

The WK and WX Series WAPs are easily secured to the wall. Available in white and even black for darker alcoves, both series can also be mounted into the ceiling with a flush-mount design. Featuring ultra-low profiles, the WK is round and the WX is rectangular to fit any space.

The WR-1 wireless router is a compact and sleek network solution for the home. Designed to be placed on a bookshelf or mounted under a desk, the WR-1 is simple to install and a powerful addition to any small home or office.

Central Control Point 

Using an NK-1 Wireless Controller as the command center allows the network manager to control everything. With an intuitive setup wizard, a heat map tool, and a global configuration management tool, the NK-1 allows the owner to design, configure, and maintain the network.

Supporting up to 15 wireless points, this controller is specially designed for use with the Pakedge WK and WX series access points. 

The NK-1 has BakPak network management built in, providing remote network management and monitoring. 

What Pakedge Wireless Systems Offer

  • Speed - These devices can feed even the most intensive bandwidth needs of a household.
  • Coverage - With special flexibility and easy install, Pakedge systems cover any space of any size.
  • Multiple Devices - The modern home is filled with IoT (Internet of Things) devices beyond the computer that all need wireless access, which Pakedge delivers.
  • Voice and Video - Seamless voice and video give this system a powerful user experience (UX) that is second-to-none.
  • Pakedge Zones - Using zones to control network traffic, Pakedge’s Exclusive Pakedge Zone technology lets the system maximize performance in real time.
  • Advanced Roaming - With 802.11r technology, Pakedge allows no connectivity breaks as a device roams from access point to access point.
  • Remote Management - Control the wireless system from anywhere in the world to keep up performance standards and reduce any downtime.
  • BakPak - This exclusive technology allows users to manage and monitor the network from anywhere, making it the ideal choice for technology managers.
  • Encryption - Your entire network is protected by state-of-the-art encryption technology that is nearly unbreakable.

It’s important to ensure you are positioning pakedge products correctly, installing securely, and configuring your network properly – 3 good reasons to have it professionally installed. Call Digital Inceptions at (732) 455-2475 or contact us online for a consultation today!