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Nest Products: Smoke Detector & Nest Cam

March 01st, 2017

The Nest Company made a name for itself by creating a new breed of thermostat that could learn. Since then, they have created an entire line of home safety and comfort devices that are intelligent and connected.

The Nest Protect

The Nest Protect is a smoke alarm that’s far more interesting than simply a device that sounds off when there’s smoke. The Protect talks to you to let you know something’s wrong. “Heads-up, there’s smoke in the kitchen.” It can be hushed from your smartphone and notify your phone when something’s wrong, no matter where you are. This can give pet owners a lot of peace of mind. It’s a smoke alarm that is much more than a screaming box. It even tests itself.

The Nest Cam (Indoor & Outdoor)

More than just a video monitor, the Nest Cam allows you to talk to intruders in your house. The video is automatically saved on the internet, so you have pictures of the bad guys. These cameras are designed to be reliable and to make it easy to protect your home from anywhere.

Nest features both an Indoor and Outdoor Camera model, so depending on your desired setup, a combination of both can ensure a safe view from anywhere. Each camera is easily accessible from anywhere through the Nest App and can even enable cloud recording options.

The Nest website shows real-life break-ins where the Nest Cam led to the intruders being successfully identified and jailed. One of them even turned himself in. Watching your home with a Nest Cam is the best way to make sure your home is safe, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. 

Installing Nest Products

Installing Nest products requires a professional. These devices are well made and can be installed by yourself, but to get the most from them, have a professional make sure they’re set up correctly.

Nest has been innovating the items that we all have in our homes already. Take advantage of technology to make your world safer and easier to manage.

The Nest Protect and Nest Cam are two more components of a fully automated smart home and will be a technological convenience you enjoy daily.  Call Digital Inceptions at (732) 455-2475 or contact us online for a consultation today!