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Internet Speed Mysteries, Solved.

December 01st, 2017

At your home or office, you probably have experienced times where your internet seems to slow down, or even come to a screeching halt. How sure can you be that it’s your internet and not your wi-fi connectivity? Fortunately, there are some simple tests you can run to find out.

We recommend having a computer that is connected to your router by a cable (hardwired connection) to test your internet speed, and a smart phone to test your wi-fi speed.

Download the Speedtest app on your computer: Microsoft Windows | Apple OSX

Download the Speedtest app on your smartphone: Android | Apple iOS

Since every network is different, we cannot tell you what your speeds should be - but your monthly internet bill will. You can compare your speeds from your hardwired computer to the speed you are paying for. These tests are good for creating a benchmark when everything is performing well, and comparing later if things are not. Additionally, you will be able to know if your "internet" really is performing slow. If it is performing slow, it's not just your wi-fi, so you'll want to contact your internet provider.

The result for your wi-fi tests can be used a little differently. Your wi-fi speeds are conditional to your environment, so testing can help you understand where there are slower areas in your home (less coverage) or if there is a bottleneck from your wireless router or access point.

Our team has professional equipment and software to more accurately diagnose and remediate slow wi-fi. Are you experiencing slow wi-fi or fluctuating internet speeds in your home or office? We can get involved and resolve your problems today. Contact us to set up an on-site appointment.