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Google Home: The Ultimate Voice Assistant

February 01st, 2018

Google Home is one of the latest devices released by Google. It is a voice assistant that can perform a handful of useful functions to make your life easer, similar to what most of us have become synonymous with Amazon Alexa and Apple's Siri.

Google can be everywhere. You can use Google to track your appointments, provide you with a free telephone number, and even run your business. Now with Google Home, you can do all of that virtually and hands-free.

The Highlights

Google Home integrates all of the smart devices in your house, allowing you to control the thermostat and other devices with the sound of your voice. You can, of course, search the world’s most popular search engine with it, as well as integrate with calendar, Maps, and Chromecast.

Tho "Low" Lights

While it integrates with some of Google’s massive suite of tools, it’s not all of them. You can make to-do lists, nor can you set reminders. By using google Calendar, you might be able to do a few workarounds, but those things do seem to be minor failings on the part of Google Home.

Versus Amazon Echo

Home offers you much more customization than Echo does. This is great, but like Echo, everything is tied to one company, Google. The search engine is Google. The services it does integrate with are all Google as well.

Big Brother

For those of you concerned about a Big Brother society where every word you say is monitored, this might seem like an intrusion, but then again, so is your phone, computer, and smart TV. The fact that Google’s little box is listening to be called into action may make some users uncomfortable.

It’s Worth It

Google Home is the latest and best incarnation in what will eventually be a home like the Jetsons where your every need is anticipated and met by a small device that you simply speak to. It can make your house more interactive and responsive. 

You Might Not Have Thought Of…

The elderly and handicapped will find some things much easier with Google Home. Changing the temperature in the house and even turning on music can be done without getting up. While Google Home shouldn’t be relied on to call 911, it can be used to make calls and give those whose mobility is restricted a way to interact with the world that has never existed before.

The Features

Meet your Google assistant.

Google Home is powered by the Google assistant. Ask it questions. Tell it to do things. It’s your own personal Google, always ready to help. Just start by saying "Ok Google"

Get answers from Google

Get answers to things you want to know including the latest on weather, traffic, finance, sports, and more.

Plus, get information to help you do things in your world. Ask "What is the nearest pharmacy?" and follow it up with "When does it close?"

Enjoy your music

With a simple voice command, play your own personal playlists from popular services like Google Play Music, YouTube Music, and Spotify.

Plus enjoy news, podcasts, and radio and get even more compatible audio services by streaming directly from your phone to Google Home.

Manage your everyday tasks

With your permission, Google Home will give you answers tailored to you for things like your commute, flight information and more.

Plus it's a whiz at settling alarms, starting timers, and adding events to your google calendar.

Control compatible smart devices

Use Google Home to control your lights, thermostats, and switches from popular home automation partners. Simply ask Google Home to stream videos to your TV with chromecast or to turn up your Nest thermostat.

Get superior sound and voice technology

Google Home's high excursion speaker delivers HiFi sound quality. It can also hear you reliably thanks to far-field microphones.

Support for multiple users

Google Home can distinguish your voice from others' for a more personalized experience. Get your own schedule, commute times, daily briefings, playlists, and more.

Hands-Free Calling

With Hands-Free Calling on Google Home, just ask your Assistant to make the call. Simple as that. Call Numbers in the U.S. and Canada, including your contacts and millions of businesses.