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Flat Screen TV Installation – What to Expect from a Professional Installation

July 01st, 2016

At Digital Inceptions we mount a lot of TV’s. Maybe even more than any other company in the Monmouth, Middlesex, and Ocean county area. We’re proud to provide products and services that we can proudly stand behind and you can enjoy for years to come. Here are a few things you can expect when you hire our team for a flat screen TV installation.

TV Mounts

All the mounts we use are professional grade. These mounts are built with the highest grade materials and regardless of TV size, we only use products that have been properly tested to handle the weight and stress of any make and model of TVs to be hung from them.


When mounting your flat screen TV, it is standard procedure that we’ll run the A/V cabling so that it is hidden from view. The aesthetic look of your living room could be ruined due to obnoxious cables running to the ground. For this reason, we’ll typically run the cabling through the walls and utilize IR eyes and IP control. Our team also uses premier audio and video cables to ensure the highest quality video and sound content.

Viewing Angle

All flat screen TV installations are completed to ensure the best viewing angle and proper height. While locations may be limited to certain criteria, if you have a specific area to center the best viewing angle and height, we will do our best. After all, we aim to please.

Protect Your Investment

You’ve spent thousands of dollars on your new TV. We want to safeguard your investment for years to come. With our installations, we’ll typically suggest and outfit your TV with surge protection. This way your appliance is protected from electrical surges and spikes, including those caused by lightning.


Once the installation is completed, our technician will spend some time helping you get acquainted with your new system. We’ll walk you through the set-up of all TV features, such as Wi-Fi, apps, sound configuration with your home theater and display configurations. Believe it or not, your TV is not optimized for the best performance in your environment out of the box.

After a flat screen TV or any installation, our goal is to guarantee we can walk away and you can begin using your product right away, no questions asked. For any questions on our flat screen TV installation or pricing, please contact us online or give us a call at (732) 455-2475.