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Amazon Alexa is Awesome.

April 01st, 2017

“Alexa, make my life easier”.

 It’s happening, Amazon Alexa is truly making our lives at home much easier. From controlling the lights to the television, there is a lot in between you need to start taking advantage of.

What types of devices exist?

 There are currently 3 Amazon branded Alexa devices. They are the Echo, Echo Dot and the Tap. Their Fire TV devices also include Alexa Voice technology. 

Amazon Echo
The Echo is the original device, a tall cylinder that is also an impressive Bluetooth speaker. If you’re only going to have one device, this is the one to get.

Amazon Echo Dot 
The Echo Dot is a mini (very mini) version of the Echo. It doesn’t pack a deep sound like the Echo, but it certainly delivers the experience of Alexa. This device is great if you have multiple devices and won’t be using it as a primary sound system. 

Amazon Tap
The Tap is a slim portable Bluetooth speaker. It isn’t voice activated, you need to push a button. If you’re wondering how Alexa would work if you were on the beach, that’s a great question. It won’t. Alexa requires an internet connection like the other devices, so while it is portable, it leaves much to be desired if you aren’t near WIFI.

What types of devices can I control with Alexa? 

Today, companies are moving quickly to support integration with Alexa. Featured lines of products include Smart Home Hubs, Lighting, Switches, Dimmers, Outlets, Locks, Heating and Cooling, Television, and plenty of Media Services.

Within the group of available products, we have a few awesome DIY integrations that can make your home smarter! 

Philips Hue Lighting
This system is super-easy to set up. It simply works. You can customize your home with different bulbs and organize them into groups. Setting up automated schedules is easy through the mobile app and quickly controlling them with Alexa is a breeze.

Belkin WEMO Switches
These straight-forward plugs give you the flexibility to turn devices on and off remotely. Integration with Alexa makes devices and electrical appliances super smart and voice activated. Turn on a coffee machine, control an old lamp, make sure the heater is turned off, and much more!

Logitech Harmony
One of the best upgrades for any home theater just got even better. Harmony integrates with Alexa and it’s very useful. Changing channels, lowering the volume, controlling your home theater, all voice activated! 

Amazon Alexa is another component  of a fully automated smart home and will be a technological convenience you enjoy daily. Let us help you set up your smart home devices. Call Digital Inceptions at (732) 455-2475 or contact us online for a consultation today!