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A Better View on Outdoor TVs

August 01st, 2018

With so many families spending time outdoors in the spring and summer months, many of us wish the same thing: that we could bring one of our televisions out onto the patio or deck.  Even if you have an overhang and aren’t concerned with the weather element, you should worry about the temperature affects.  The cold can affect how the liquid crystals inside the television operate.  But furthermore, when cold turns to hot (night turns to day) water can condense inside the unit and cause irreparable damage.

Outdoor televisions or all weather televisions are rated for a wider range of temperature changes, thus permitting a homeowner to use it outdoors.  Additionally, these units are specialized with heavy coated electrical components and enclosures to minimize damage from the outdoor elements such as rain, sleet, snow, hail, and wind.

Digital Inception advises that if you’re looking for a recreational television for outdoors, buy an outdoor, all weather TV.  It may be expensive, but it will be worth the cost since it’s specified for what you’re looking to do.  Here are two of our recommendations below.

Sunbrite's Signature series offers various HDTVs equipped with climate-proof cabinets and high-contrast LCD panels.  The prices may turn away a savvy shopper but the picture is extremely bright, detailed and the colors are pristine.  This television can be installed just about anywhere and you can feel free to leave it hanging all year long. Visit Sunbrite Online

Now that you’ve decided that you want an outdoor television to entertain your family and guests, the only thing keeping you from enjoying the ballgame from the pool is the installation.  Digital inceptions can provide free estimates for our professional TV installation services.  Give us a call, 7 days a week.