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Soundbars: 5 Budgets, 5 Options.

August 01st, 2018 Soundbars: 5 Budgets, 5 Options.

As people are moving away from bulky and expensive speakers, soundbars are becoming some of the most popular tools for those who are looking to listen to good audio without breaking the bank. While there is a wide range of offerings at different prices out there (from a few hundred to over $1,000), it is easy to say that the average soundbar is more affordable than speakers of comparable quality and grade.

A Better View on Outdoor TVs

July 01st, 2018 A Better View on Outdoor TVs

With so many families spending time outdoors in the spring and summer months, many of us wish the same thing: that we could bring one of our televisions out onto the patio or deck. Even if you have an overhang and aren’t concerned with the weather element, you should worry about the temperature affects.

Outdoor Speakers, What's the Difference?

June 01st, 2018 Outdoor Speakers, What's the Difference?

Choosing to play audio from an outdoor speaker setup is essential for any homeowner who spends a lot of time outdoors or entertains guests frequently. Outdoor speakers are specialized in that their hardware has coated electrical components, heavy duty seals and enclosures that mitigate damage from harsh weather such as rain, sleet, snow, ice, hail, and wind.

YoutubeTV: Why it's time you cut the cord.

May 01st, 2018 YoutubeTV: Why it's time you cut the cord.

Discover all the features and perks that make it better than other streaming services out there. As one of the most popular websites in the history of the Internet, Youtube managed to accomplish something remarkable: it became indispensable to the average Internet users. For years, Youtube has grown its brand into a household name; a trusted platform where people seek information, tutorials, entertainment, music and a lot more. Recently, Youtube has finally been able to actualize its premium content policy, competing with other streaming services and other television/satellite services.

Apple Watch Series 3, is it time to buy?

April 01st, 2018 Apple Watch Series 3, is it time to buy?

The different features of the new series, and what makes it better than previous versions. Back in the day when Apple announced their intention to release a line of tech-driven watches, many eyebrows were raised. Some people and industry insiders thought the company would be taking a huge false step, coming up with a dull and outdated product concept. As we currently know, things couldn’t be further from the truth. Apple Watches have enjoyed a massive spike in popularity, and they have grown on to become a trusted industry standard and a prime example of wearable technology that actually is useful and makes sense.

OLED and QLED TVs - What's your best decision?

March 01st, 2018 OLED and QLED TVs - What's your best decision?

OLED and QLED Television sets dominate the current market, and there are many differences between these different technologies. Which is the best? Which type will better suit your needs and requirements? Please read on to find out more.

AR on the iPhone X - Some of Our Favorite Apps

February 01st, 2018 AR on the iPhone X - Some of Our Favorite Apps

The iPhone X is one of the best mobile phones in the history of Apple - users are loving his amazing camera, the great features and the flexibility of this model. As you know, you can install a wide variety of apps, to further customize your smartphone to your lifestyle, preferences, and needs. With the advent of AR - Augmented Reality, the possibilities are mind-blowing. What are the hottest apps out there? Keep reading to discover some of our favorite AR apps for iPhone X users.

The Apple HomePod, here at last.

January 01st, 2018 The Apple HomePod, here at last.

Are you ready for the ultimate Apple accessory? The HomePod is built to be just that. This device is set out to be more than just a wireless speaker, but also an intelligent addition to your smart home as a home hub. It may be the last to come to market, but it came prepared. The speaker quality is well above average and the integration with other Apple products is seamless, but what makes this device so great? Lets find out.

Internet Speed Mysteries, Solved.

December 01st, 2017 Internet Speed Mysteries, Solved.

At your home or office, you probably have experienced times where your internet seems to slow down, or even come to a screeching halt. How sure can you be that it’s your internet and not your wi-fi connectivity? Fortunately, there are some simple tests you can run to find out.

Why a Standard Security System Just Isn’t Enough Protection Anymore

November 01st, 2017 Why a Standard Security System Just Isn’t Enough Protection Anymore

Whether you’re a home or business, undoubtedly you have implemented or at least explored the possibility of some flavor of security system. A traditional security system focuses on more basic concerns such as windows opening, doors opening, motion alarms and trip sensors. These objectives are mostly reactive (after someone has actually committed a crime and entered your location) and while necessary, they just aren’t enough.